The power of heat - Decentralized Energy

'The whole idea of renewables versus non renewables has become a focus - the thing for me that Europe has got to do is be very strongly focused in delivering an energy system for all of our energy users in a way that is affordable. 

'Fifty per cent of the energy lost in our system is heat from thermo-generation - we are throwing away as much heat as we are using. It's bad for the economy and climate.'

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A 15-ton computer aims to provide clean water, electricity, and the internet to thousands of Africans — Quartz

Each arched Watly unit is fitted with photovoltaic solar panels that generate heat and solar power. Water is pumped into the tank and made drinkable through a process called vapor compression distillation, which uses solar thermal energy to vaporize water and separate it from contaminants ranging from sea salt to poisons. 

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Ford Shares Environmental Management Best Practices with Suppliers · Environmental Leader

Ford is implementing several heat recovery projects from paint oven exhaust stacks, air recirculation systems, and in paint spray booths by incorporating heat pump technology. “These heat recovery projects currently underway in several of our European facilities will deliver around 150 gigawatt-hours of energy savings per year from 2015 onward, with an estimated savings of 3.75 million Euros at typical electricity rates.”

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Power Generation System by Scuderi Clean Energy Can Help Reduce Electric Costs for Large Commercial

PR Newswire
The patented SCE system utilizes conventional state-of-the-art technology in a unique method to create the best possible answer to power generation issues - a high efficiency power generation system with heat recovery that is split between the end-user and the grid.  This patented concept of splitting the electric load enables the engine to run at constant load and speed, thus maintaining the engine at its maximum efficiency level.  These systems can reduce electric bills by up to 20 percent.

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Waste heat supports Tokyo tropical forest

The Japan News
When I opened the door to the Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome in Koto Ward, Tokyo, I was met by warm air flowing out from inside. The huge glassed-in dome, whose interior resembles a tropical forest, houses about 800 species of tropical plants.

The thermal source for the greenhouse, which is heated with a warm-water pipe circulation system, is heat generated during garbage incineration at a nearby waste disposal center.

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Arriving soon… heat from tube line piped straight to your home through £6m energy scheme | Islington Tribune

Islington Tribune
BUILDING work on a groundbreaking £6.2million energy scheme which will see waste heat from the Northern tube line piped into homes will start this month.

As first revealed in the Tribune last year, the project – the first of its kind in Europe – will harness heat from the underground and help keep energy bills in 500 council homes on the King Square estate in Finsbury up to 10 per cent cheaper.

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