To more efficiently enable energy saving projects for businesses around the world.

Our story

We are heat recovery professionals that have run thousands of heat analyses and enabled projects around the world. We started HeatCalc because we saw a lack of concise, useful information available to the public about heat recovery at different sources, available technologies, and techniques. So we decided to put useful heat recovery information online including news, tools, and articles to help jumpstart projects. We also wanted to make our expertise available to connect the heat source owners with the most relevant solution providers, saving everyone time and money as a result. If you have questions or want to speak with us about a project, send us an inquiry.

Our founders


John Lerch
John has 10 years of experience in the energy industry including a brief stint on Capitol Hill to research energy policy and more than 8 years with General Electric. During his time with GE, he spent 4 years on a heat to power product line as sales and marketing leader for an international team. In addition to HeatCalc, he runs a small energy consulting business. John graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Economics and a BS in Conservation & Resource Studies.


Matt Gutschow
After earning his MS in Mechanical Engineering from USC, Matt spent 5 years working for General Electric's Power and Water business.  As part of an engineering training program, Matt solved technical challenges in a variety of energy related products including wind, gas turbine, and heat recovery.  For the last several years, Matt led applications engineering for a heat to power product, specializing in site integration and payback analysis.