This Engine Generates Electricity Using Waste Hot Water

A new engine converts waste hot water from industrial equipment into electricity.

NATURE WORLD NEWS - Exergyn, a startup based in Dublin, Ireland, is planning to run the first industrial trials of the new energy-efficient engine by next year, New Scientist reports. The engine generates electricity from heated water that is left over from other equipment. According to co-founder and chief executive Alan Healy, waste hot water (low-grade waste heat or LGWH) from industrial processes amounts to about twice the energy in Saudi Arabia's oil and gas output per year.

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The power of heat - Decentralized Energy

'The whole idea of renewables versus non renewables has become a focus - the thing for me that Europe has got to do is be very strongly focused in delivering an energy system for all of our energy users in a way that is affordable. 

'Fifty per cent of the energy lost in our system is heat from thermo-generation - we are throwing away as much heat as we are using. It's bad for the economy and climate.'

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