Clean energy from heat

Heat can be used to create electricity, cool something down, and/or warm something up. It is similar to renewable energy sources in that it requires no additional fuel and produces no additional emissions and is available year-round. It's also an abundant source of alternative energy: 20-50% of primary energy use in US industries is lost as waste heat.



Estimating heat content

One of the first steps in any waste heat project is understanding the quantity of thermal energy that can be recovered at the source. Whether you have a steel mill, a cement kiln, generator, or compressor station, our streamlined calculator can estimate the amount of thermal energy available in your exhaust, steam, or hot water. Try it out here.



A hub of heat recovery information

Heatcalc is also a central point for useful information about waste heat utilization projects. You can find information About Heat or the different uses of heat including Heat for Warming, Heat for Cooling, and Heat for Electricity. There are basic guides on Making a Project Happen and evaluating Project Economics and Examples of innovative projects and products. More is in the works, and if you would like to see us expand on a topic, send us an inquiry.


Heat recovery in the news

Below are a few articles about what is happening in the waste heat utilization industry. If we have missed something, send us a note in the form below and we can add it.


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